April 17, 2006

The Plan is Unleashed

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 4:41 pm by groupone

I have designed a flyer to pass out and have also put some posts of some discussion boards online.  I started to pass out the flyer about it at work.  There are a lot of immigrant at my job that are legal that had to go through some much to get into this country.  They think it is a great injustice for the ones who illegally crossed to get the same rights as US citizens and people who legally came across.  It sparks a lot of conversation on discussion boards too.  People have many different view on the issue and it could be taken many ways.  It is very interesting on the discussion boards because no one has a fear of saying what they field because no one see them or can really judge them.  They just accept the view point and make comments on it.  Both seem to be effective to get the message across.


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