April 14, 2006

Social injustice

Posted in Irin Westerfield, Uncategorized at 2:26 pm by groupone

The social injustice that I am pursuing is the enormous wage earning disparity between the social classes.
This injustice has been going on since the beginning of time. It is a reprehensible and immoral problem that must be illuminated to the masses.
I chose this topic for several reasons. 1. It is tax season and the rich have found ways not to pay their fair share, 2. The posting of CEO salaries to the public, 3. The smugness of the white upper-class, 4. Economic abuse by big corporation executives, 5. The recent rise of real estate and fuel prices that make life impossible for the common working man, 6. Ridiculously large salaries of those in sports and entertainment.


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