April 4, 2006

Moulin Rouge

Posted in Pamela Nelson at 1:45 am by groupone

The Austin Chronicle had a very accurate review in regards to the movie Moulin Rouge. Given a four star movie rating by a newspaper writen in a college and muscially artistic city, Marc Savlov the author made his points accurate with no fallacies. A weak rhetorical point that he makes is in the statement "as the film progresses you're repeatedly reminded why the old musicals hold such a unique place in the global consiousness". This is not a strong rhetorical point as many people do not enjoy musicals. However, this movie review does a good job of explaining the jist of the movie as this would be difficult to do given the starkly contrasting visuals. The subject would be easily understood by the audience creating an interest that would persuade viewers to want to see the movie. This interest draws you in as the love plot thickens while simmering in pop music.   


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