April 3, 2006

The Thomas Crown Affair

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 7:35 am by groupone

I chose to examine the Washington Post review of one of my favorite movies, “The Thomas Crown Affair”. I believe that the review provides an honest critique of the movie. The review is written in layman’s terms which I think adds to its success. In most cases, when a person picks up a newspaper, he or she is not looking for an in depth analysis of the technical components of a film. People are wanting to find out whether a movie is worth spending their money to go see it or not and if the movie is more appropriate for a family or for a date. Stephen Hunter’s review in the Washington Post allows readers to know that “The Thomas Crown Affair” is indeed not appropriate for children and not appropriate for an audience seeking a movie with a deep and thought provoking plotline. However, Hunter points out that “The Thomas Crown Affair” is a fun movie, as exemplified in his quote, …”’The Thomas Crown Affair’ is very cool. Note I do not argue that is good,”. In my opinion, Hunter is saying that “The Thomas Crown Affair” was made to be enjoyed and not analyzed. Hunter also adds to the credibility of his argument by referencing the original “Thomas Crown Affair” as well as other movies that Pierce Brosnan has been in, which assures the reader of Hunter’s experience in analyzing movies. If I read this article and had never seen “The Thomas Crown Affair” before, I would trust the critic, and I would go with a date to see this “cool” movie.


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