April 3, 2006


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Don’t Use the Word Delicious More Than Once in a Review!!! 

Overall, I feel Stack did a commendable job in his review of

I have seen
Fargo listed on quite a few Top 100 movie lists. The reason for this is because of the total package that it delivers.

Besides being a very interesting story, the cinematography and music for
Fargo was absolutely phenomenal. Stack made sure to mention these points in his article.

Stack did not do a good job of reporting how funny the film was. Again, this was a strong point in the film. It was rather amazing how
Fargo had the versatility to make people laugh even though six people died.

Perhaps it was only me (no it wasn’t, all my friends agree) but I thought everything Frances McDormand said or did was hilarious.  

Maybe the reason why Stack and I do not see eye to eye on the comedy aspect is because he wrote in his column that the film “caught the flat-dialect flavor of upper Midwestern people without making fun of them.” 

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  

I felt that the film poked fun at the upper Midwestern folks to no end. Not only through the exaggerated accents and butchering of sentence structure, but in the buffoon-like thought processes that most of the characters showed. 

A “delicious thriller” and “delicious cinematography?.” No Peter, can’t write delicious twice in a short written review! You’re a writer, think of another word instead of the second delicious!  



  1. Eva Paterson said,

    I like how you reviewed this review. You give solid examples of why you disagree with what he was saying and also showed how he was right about the movie.

  2. groupone said,

    I really enjoyed the movie Fargo and enjoyed it as much as you did. For two winters in a row I opened all the windows in 40 degree weather and watched the movie laughing my head off, and practicing my Minesota accent. Hey, I learned some pretty good detective work from Marjie and named my car after her squad car “prowler.” Hey you betcha, It wasn’t my friend in that there woodchiper bleeding all over the white snow. We were laughing our heads off at all those malfeisens.

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