April 1, 2006

The Corner…

Posted in Brandi Crawford, Uncategorized at 3:15 am by groupone

I found the song "The Corner" to be a description about what it is like to simply get by and survive on a daily basis in an urban area.  A neighborhood street corner is described in detail as a sort of meeting grounds.  I also believe the lyrics use an emotional appeal to argue that the stereotypical views of what happens on an urban streetcorner are not always correct, and often when crimes are comitted its the response to societal strains and not people actually wanting to do wrong.  As Kanye West says in the hook, the people steal or even kill simply because they believe its their only means of survival.  The descriptions are vivid, which allows the listeners to feel like they are right there on the street corner.  The descriptions make the argument real.  I have to admit that I did not understand what The Last Poets were saying until the very end when they used universal monuments to compare the importance of the street corners.  I think The Last Poets are trying to say that a street corner is not just some place for gang violence, but it is a home and a place of freedom from society's judgement and it is all that some people will ever know.


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