March 30, 2006

“The Corner”

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The hiphop artists/rapers Common, Kanye West, and The Last Poets create a rap song called "The Corner" with lyrics written by Common. The Genre used for this song is Rap. The intended audience is the people who live in Southside Chicago where the Rap artists live and work. The Corner is a place in the hood where the social life if going down. The artists speak to the audience in a native tongue or slang language giving it informality. If you can get it, what they are talking about, you socially fit in on the corner. The artists address the audience on their own turf this influencing the songs voice with intensity. To view the video go to:

Everyday rhetorical arguments abound here within the getto such as unemployment , lonliness, drug abuse, and gang violence. This is noted in sentence four where it states "some put blow in they nose to cope with they lows the wind is cold". The gangs are referred to in The Poets is the gang colors, named "gators and snakes". In the second hook of the song the culture of the corner is clearly spoken of in terms of happiness and the street peoples' control comes into existence when "the corner was our magis,our music, our politics". The spoken part of The Last Poets is very compelling in many ways that speak of social control, poverty, violence, and oppression. Many of the feelings that come from these lyrics are not ones that can be easily shared by others who do not live there. This is further instilled by the last part that states "the corner was our rock of Gibraltar"…  


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