March 30, 2006

A Game Reviewed

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 6:33 am by groupone

Some information in this blog my refer to:

 I chose the review of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" from G4TV.  Most reviews of games talk about the main point of the game and what will be going on.  This one has that in addition to a list of the many improvements in the PC version coming from the PS2 version.  They PS2 version was rushed out and the PC version was worked on for a long time and is a much better experience.  There are not any fallacies but it is very rhetorically weak.  The reviews does not really convince someone to buy the game but it does do a very good job convincing someone that the PC version is much better than the PS2 version.  The whole review is mostly a description of the game and the experience of the game.  It is easy to understand for a normal computer gamer but may be a little complex for a normal person with little computer knowledge.  I believe the review does the game justice but it is not convincing.


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