March 29, 2006

“The Corners”

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 5:06 pm by groupone

Some information in this blog may refer to:

WARNING!  This contains some information the may be offensive to some…please do not take it that way…it was not intented to be offensive.

There are lots of compelling arguements in the verses.  The songs talk about how the some of black race live.  They do drugs to cope with life and have no goals.  Car get stolen, drugs are sold, and all sorts of crime goes on just for them to make some money.  It is their job…crime is their job.  Kayne West's Hook sums it up perfectly: "I wish I could give ya this feeling;I wish I could give ya this feeling; On the corners, niggas robbing, killing, dying; Just to make a living (huh)"  The words by the Last Poets was very compelling because they are saying what the corners used to be and it is totally the opposite of what Common and Kayne are saying they are now.  They have changed from the glory days, when they used to good and safe.  With the verses they are trying to appeal to people feelings…getting people to realize what is happening in the street and what is happening to certain parts of of black race.


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