March 6, 2006

biblical allusions…

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 3:35 pm by groupone

I think the use of biblical allusions in the song “Cattle and the Creeping Things” is meant to show how the characters in the song have come to incorrectly interpret the stories of the bible that they were probably forced to listen to as children.  The characters all know that the warnings of human conflict and strife in the bible sound familiar, but have chosen to write them off as interesting stories from long ago.  For example, I think that the first paragraph is meant to show that just as the drug user has come to ignore biblical stories, he has also ignored warnings against drugs.  Perhaps he believed that the stories of what is supposed to happen in the Apocalypse from the bible and all of the warnings of what will happen to a drug addict could never happen to him.  I believe the second paragraph is meant to depict that the character claims to enjoy the bible but has come to read it like he was reading a gossip column.  In reference to the original sin part, I believe that this is the songwriter’s way of saying that the story of Adam and Eve warns that all people will be born with faults and it will be their job in life to attempt to correct themselves.  The drug user has completely ignored the warning in the story, and focues on the part about Adam and Eve being found naked.  I think the third and fourth paragraphs are demonstrating that while the girl on the outside has chosen to straighten up her life and become reborn, she still wears her cross with cleavage showing and finds the best part of her rebirth to be the social aspect of it. The girl is aware of the warning that many biblical stories gives, but like the other characters in this song, she doesn’t see how those warnings pertain to her life and how she is the one causing most of her problems.  

The general example of an allusion that I thought off is how many Christmas movies use the phrase “bah humbug” which is an allusion to the story “A Christmas Carol”.  In that one phrase, the movie is able to show that the character is obviously not in the Christmas spirit, and it often foreshadows that the character will come to have a change in spirit, just as Scrooge did.


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