March 6, 2006


Posted in Pamela Nelson at 11:48 am by groupone

“Cattle and the Creeping Things” is an allusion of a cloud of bad feelings created by the words that describe the street people that it writes about in the song. This allusion starts in Genesis and the next paragraph has an allusion that refers to Revelation in the New Testament. This means to me that they, the street people really can’t compare themselves to anyone in the Bible. This is the greatest contrast, from A to Z within the song it expresses the point that the street people cannot dig themselves out of the lowly pit of hell that they live in due to their addictions. The concept of Gods word the “Bible” is to pure of a concept to understand, hence the joke of Gideon. The drugs that they have become addicted to and the ruined lives they lead, like McKenzie’s will never bring them the happiness that as human beings all want and deserve. In conclusion, the meaning of the argument of all of the allusions of this song is that the drug addicted lives of street people are hopeless and uncomforted despite the fact that they at some point may turn to God for help because the cares of this world can be completely overwhelming to someone who may be on this path to destruction.  

The movie “Kill Bill” written and directed by Quinton Tarintino is an allusion of many cultural issues. In chapter 5 “Showdown at House of Blue Leaves” there is a scene where a woman is questioned about her Chinese and Japanese ethnicity. Although she is born and raised American she is apparently fed up with having to confront this issue and she runs across the conference table in front of all the people there and cuts the mans head off. Then she asks “Any one else have this question”? I believe this refers to the allusion that the Americans and Japanese of  WWWII considered the fighting a feudal state with the Americans considering themselves ethnocentricly superior. This mentality went on for quite some time after this war.


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