March 5, 2006

“Cattle and the Creeping Things”

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Wow! What a song this is.  There is so much meaning and so much use of the bible.  Most of the allusion must come from the bible because almost every other line is a quote or reference to the bible.  Allusion is sometime difficult to pickup because it is an indirect reference.  I found it rather difficult to pick out the argument because there is such a large amount of allusion that it is difficult to piece everything together.  I believe the argument has something to do with religion.  I think the song is arguing about how people are religiously raised.  It argues how religion plays a huge role in the lives of children throughout their upbringing learning different morals of what is right and wrong.  I guess I usually do not listen to song that deeply because I would have not noticed all the bible references if I did not look at the lyrics.  I usually enjoy the song for the music not necessary the words or the meaning.  This is such a complex song loaded with allusion that there are probably so many arguments beyond what I am seeing.

Another songs that is uses allusion is almost anything from System of a Down.  Almost any song they have a written has some kind of argument involved in it.  Their new CD “Hypnotize” contains many songs that use allusion to make an argument.  I will use Soldier Side as an example.  I find this song to be very interesting seeing how the first 30 seconds was on the previous CD, “Mesmerize.”  It is basically arguing that many people do not actually see what is happening from the solider point of view.  There is difference between what the news tells us and what is actually going on.  The lyrics refer a lot to god and other religious symbol to make the argument.  It is a very powerful song like most of there music.  Many songs sound simple but the lyrics hold deep meanings.


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