March 4, 2006

Project Two:Exploring Ethical Arguments

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Project Overview: To write a thought-provoking ethical argument about Human Genome Project.

The Human Genome Ethical Argument will:

1) Raise questions.

2) Identify issues.

3) Present arguments for ethical action.

4) Employ the logic of arguments using the appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos. 

5) Use rhetorical techniques. Explore how rhetoric is used to influence citizens, voters, and consumers.

Genre: Use rhetoric as persuasive communication, written and visual. What are the important political, social, and ethical issues that face The Human Genome project? Create arguments to persuade the audience of the commitment, solution and point of view of the author. Engage the audience into seriously considering all of the ethical issues.

The purpose of writing a thought provoking ethical argument is to instill the audience with a good ethical sense of right or wrong in regards to The Human Genome Project. What is the basis of our ethics? What are the scientific, medical, social, cultural, and political problems of The Human Genome Project. How can the author analyze these for the audience so the ethical principals and situations allow ethical decisions to be made.

Audience: Educated, reasonable people to be addressed in a professional manner with care and respect.

Voice: Informed, persuasive, convicing.

Length:1000-1500 words

Format: Typed and double spaced. MLA with a works cited page, annotated bibliography.

Assignment Parameters: Annotated bibliography with at least 5 sources, 4 of them books with electronic articles and other websites. Include sources that expound upon multiple sides of the ethical position. All assertions should be supported with evidence. The conclusion may argue for one side or conclude that the evidence and argument is finely balanced.

Resources that will be used:

Wikipedia. USF Library. (Jstor, Project Muse, CQ Researcher). The Penguin Handbook. Inventing Arguments (The Argument Handbook). The Lexis-Nexis Academic database. The Library of Congress. Evaluating Resources. Ask a Librarian. NIH.








  1. groupone said,

    Ryan, I posted this on 3/3/06 at 11:00 pm. Pam ( I don’t know why )

  2. groupone said,

    I don’t know why it was dated 3-4-06

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