March 3, 2006

Project two…

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 10:39 pm by groupone

For Project two, I have decided to research whether or not certain actions are always wrong, or if the ethical considerations are purely situational.  I find this assignment to be interesting because it will allow me to study multiple cases. I also have struggled in the past with reaching decisions about whether or not a situation is right or wrong because I tend to see a lot of grey area.  This project will help me to determine whether or not I should continue to evaluate that grey area, or if I should come to more black and white conclusions.  I am not completely sure which ethical dilemmas I will study, but most likely I will include assisted suicide, which is a complicated issue that has always fascinated me.  I will begin my research by reviewing major news publications to see the current most popular issues, and I will then use databases such a JSTOR and Project Muse to further understand the issue. 


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