February 27, 2006

Don’t Call Me No Manners Nelson

Posted in Pamela Nelson at 3:01 am by groupone

     America (The Book), an amusing satire written by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction. From the forward by Thomas Jefferson, written in the present tense to the afterword and certificate of completion on page 221 there are constant insults of the American Government. This is hysterical history at its best. All of this contemplating from chapter one, Democracy Before America through chapter 9 The Rest of the World: International House of Horrors asks the question: When it comes to the government, what are we thinking when we are being made fun of?Satire is founded upon one of our most basic constitutional rights. Freedom of expression may not necessarily include political correctness but many of the things that are discussed in this book will never be experienced by the average person. Perhaps that is what I like about this satire, its poking fun at all the stupid things that the decision makers of this country say and do. It also verbally attacks people, stereotypes, religions,  ethnic groups, geographical locations, you name it.

     I am always so serious about everything. I am from the National Lampoon and Mad generation. Satire is so funny and simple sometimes that it is easy to overlook unless you are consiously think about. Satire can educate people about situations that the general public is not commonly aware of. This education and awareness of the public may create a sense of urgency to make changes in the way things are being taken care of. These changes may be hopefully for the better. Although satire may be taken as a rude way of communicating to others, perhaps it is meant to light a fire and create change.

Stewart,Jon. America (The Book). Warner Books, Ny. 2006. ISBN:0-446-53268-1



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  1. groupfour said,

    I really liked how you wrote your piece. It was an easy read, but you still made a strong argument. I’ve been wanting to read Stewart’s book for a while and I think I might just have to go pick it up now!

    Jill Francis

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