February 23, 2006

“Satiristic” Thoughts

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 6:04 pm by groupone

I watched a very controversial and previously unaired episode of Family Guy, When You Wish upon a Weinstein.” I watched it from my Season Three DVDs. Although the episode is rather humorous, there is an argument behind all the humor. It pushes the natural image of Jewish people being good with money. In reality all Jewish people are not good with money but it is a stereotype associated with them. The show is continuously pushing the stereotype in an effort for the viewer to see the Jewish people in a different image. Although they may be good with money they have many other good qualities too. By Peter making a mockery of the bar mitzvah, it makes the viewer think a little bit more about how powerful and important the bar mitzvah actually is. Humor is a key to within someone. Many things can be said through humor that cannot be said outside that setting. That is why using satire is so powerful. Satire arguments are so much more powerful because they do not differently address the argument but put it out there is a more subtle way. The most powerful satire in the whole episode is the song. It can be rather offensive to Jewish people because it points out all there stereotypes, uses symbols of their beliefs, and says that they killed the Christian’s lord. It gives the normal non-Jewish people a view of what they are actually doing and what they need to stop. Jewish people are just like everyone else except good with money…ha-ha just joking. Satire is an amazing rhetorical device and is used all the time to make an argument, sometimes without the person knowing it.  Without satire there would not be these good shows such as the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and many other animated and non-animated shows out there.  They seem to be more effective and it times of sadness, humor shines through.  That is why the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are so popular, when the moral is down everyone wants to watch news in a humorous light rather than the normal seriousness.  Satire is powerful, what more is there to say?



  1. groupfour said,

    I liked your personal use of satire in your post. Very funny. Your description was very thorough. One of the downfalls of satire is that it might not be taken seriously or it could be offensive to some. But I think those that get offended should not take themselves so seriously. Great Post. Jonathan Wooten (Group4)

  2. groupthree said,

    I thought that you’re description of how powerful satire is was great. I agree that humor is one of the most powerful, yet subtle ways to prove a point and though it can be found offensive, that just makes it so much more powerful. You’re analasis of the argument concerning the actual show was also very thorough and clear. Good job!
    Maura Peterson -group three

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