February 11, 2006

a world without computers???

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 3:25 am by groupone

I found Wendell Barry’s argument for why he is not going to buy a computer to be sound as far as Barry’s ability to express his thoughts and opinions.  With that being said, Barry’s argument was not able to convince me to never buy a computer again.  I can understand and respect that he feels that computers are too exepensive and wasteful of energy.  However, I was shocked at one of his points that he would not get a computer for fear that he would no longer have to use his wife as his editor.  His wife could easily still check over his work.  It seems like such a basic concept to me that while computers do use spell check, they don’t automatically search for mistakes in grammar.  This made me wonder if Berry has any real experience with a computer at all.  I also think that Berry’s standards at the end of his argument are excellent ideas, but for the most part are not at all realistic.  Almost everything thing in life involves a sacrifice, and the cost of technology was sacrificed for the wave of new information and connection between people all around the world that computers have brought.  I respect Berry’s views, but his argument made me wonder if he would really still be against computers if something tragic happened, and a loved one had to go to a hospital, which is filled with computers.


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