February 10, 2006

“Why I Am Not Going To Buy A Computor”

Posted in Pamela Nelson at 12:54 am by groupone

Why I am not going to buy a computor by Wendell Berry is a very interesting essay that seems to be written in simple tone. I could picture myself in a rocking chair, on the front porch of my grandparents farm being told by my grandfather the story of why he is not going to buy a computor. In a way, the writer has me hooked on his story, even though it is rediculously antiquated logic. This isn’t because Wendell Berry is a backwoods hick. He, as an author of over thirty two books and former professor of English has learned to write rhetoric. In this essay his audience is narrowed down to a very small demographic group. This would probably include his farmer neighbors, his wife, and a small handful of elderly people. His several reasons for not wanting to buy a computor are what he feels to be (good reasons) but are not logical. For example in his statement (I would hate to think that my work as a writer could not be done without a direct dependence on strip-mined coal) makes no sense. The relationship between buying a computor and the rape of nature is not direct and is hard to understand. What Berry does in his essay is make an appeal to his audience by connecting the subject of not buying computors to the ideals of (peace,economic justice, ecological health) and this may be what his audience values most. So, stating his own values he appeals to character and this appeals to his audience. In the end of his essay Berry leaves the audience with a list of (standards) that he follows. This list from a business standpoint is regressive and doesn’t allow for change from progress at all. However, the explanation of number nine certainly appeals to family and community values that are most likely held in high esteem by this particular audience.      




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