February 6, 2006

Project Muse

Posted in Irin Westerfield at 3:22 pm by groupone

 Project Muse is a website designed  for scholarly journals online.I found this website  is well-organized and easy to use.Project Muse is very similar to the  Jstor website.Despite the fact, that Jstor has more features than Project Muse,i liked  the latter  more.Project Muse has  four quick links:”search”,”journals”,”about Muse”, and “contact information”.All these links are providing necessary research data.As for interesting features, the “search” link has an option for sorting out material by date,relevance,and  an alphabetical order.Using this search link,i came up with the following results:

Phillip, Nel. “Is There a Text in This Advertising Campaign?: Literature, Marketing, and Harry Potter.” The Lion and the Unicorn 29(2005):236-267 This article explores the aggressive marketing campaign of Harry Potter products, calling the film a contemporary capitalist phenomenon. Noted is the fact that some have called “institutional corporate conglomerates” the primary reason for Harry Potter’s success.” Like Dr. Seuss, Harry potter has become designed to benefit capitalism more than moral or artistic values. The article includes reactions from Rowling about this commercialism.

Glowka, Arthur Wayne. “Among the New Words.” American Speech 76(2001):301-311  This article is a humorous report on “new words” that came out of the year 2000, such as the Harry “Potterism” “muggle.” The majority of this article is devoted to Glowka’s “word of the year:” “chad.” Although admitting that this word had citations as far back as the 1940s, millions had never heard of it until the chaos of the Presidential election of 2000.  


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