February 6, 2006

Project MUSE

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 6:08 am by groupone

Upon examining Project MUSE, I discovered through the “General Overview” that this database uses JSTOR as a linking partner. Project MUSE also offers articles that are all peer-reviewed and full length which would be very helpful in research papers. To get to know the database, I searched “political activism”, which I chose to be in the article title. This brought about results that were different, and possibly more interesting than I expected as they are not discussed everyday. I then searched “J.K. Rowling” in all fields, and chose the following two results:

Deavel, Catherine Jack. “Character, Choice, and Harry Potter.” Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 5 (2002): 49-64. Deavel’s article serves as an argument against religious fundamentalists that have stood against and boycotted the Harry Potter books. Deavel cites specific examples from the books by J.K. Rowling in an attempt to demonstrate that the books do not revolve around the use of magic, but are actually plot lines based on well-developed characters. Deavel even implies that Harry Potter’s character is one that could be valued as a boy who had managed to overcome many hardships. The article is well researched and appeals to both one’s logic and emotions.

Nel, Philip. “Is there a text in this advertising campaign? Literature, Marketing, and Harry Potter.” The Lion and the Unicorn 29 (2005): 236-267. Nel’s article examines the criticism of Harry Potter books that claims the books are nothing more than a capitalistic scheme. Nel argues that there can be a separation between marketing and artistic expression. Nel claims that even the author, J.K. Rowling has taken measures to limit the marketing of Harry Potter books, but that the publishing companies still must make money. Nel uses specific examples, and even references actual articles that present the view of the Harry Potter books as products of capitalism.


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