February 6, 2006

kicking off project one…

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 5:07 am by groupone

For this project, I have chosen to analyze Cameron Johnson’s argument on page fourteen, “Somewhere in the Past: Clarksville’s Schools and Community Life”, and Barbara Holland’s argument on page twenty-one, “From ‘They Went Whistling'”.  I chose these two arguments because they bring up issues that I have debated myself.  I also think that the two writers offer solid arguments in both similar and different ways.  For example, both arguments make great use of examples.  Johnson’s argument also uses many counterarguments and it appeals to one’s logic.  Holland’s argument uses allusions and appeals to one’s emotions to be able to make a point.

During this project, I will use the textbook to be able to understand what makes up a solid argument.  I will use databases, such as JSTOR or Project Muse for additional articles on the subject.  I think both Johnson and Holland presented arguments that revolve around widely discussed, modern issues which will allow for really interesting articles that perhaps show another point of view.  I will also need to conduct more background research on the subject of school funding to completely analyze Johnson’s article, as the writer cites so many specific examples in the argument.


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