February 4, 2006

The Projects Begin…

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 5:36 am by groupone

I chose The Origin of Grunge (72) and Separating the Killers from the Boys (123). I plan to use some of the resource like Jstor, Project Muse, and other resources offered by the university to search for other artibles that can relate to these. I have pretty much figured out the main argument of both articles and have seen the styles of argument that are used. Both articles use a different style of argument and it is very interesting how different they are but also how similar they are. I will probaly also use google to find some good sources because it alwayts seems to come through for me.

The Origin of Grunge really appealed to me. I mostly listen to grunge, punk, rock, alternative, etc. It was interesting to see how the author explained where grunge came from. He kind of did a process of elimination. He started with some of the rumors of where it came from then slowly eliminated them until he came to a conclusion of where it came from. It is an interesting approach because it goes into some of the other genres of music and explains them.

Separting the Killers from the Boys is also interesting because it is an very complex issue. The author presents examples to prove her point. She uses an example from both sides of the arguement and proves her point with both. She even uses an example that is contrary to her point and uses it to her advantage. At the end she just flat out says her point and ends it.


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  1. Cyprian Rodriguez said,

    The “Separating the Killers from the Boys” seems like it’ll be a really interesting topic to talk about even though it is very contraversial. Good Luck with it 🙂


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