February 1, 2006

Using the Resources #2

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 3:49 pm by groupone

Project muse is just as easy to use as JStor. Just click search on the home page and type in whatever. I like the sorting options that I did not notice with Jstor. With Project Muse, it is possible to sort by relevance, date or a-z in either direction. It seems to have more options to help organize a search more than Jstor did. I found the following articles interesting in my search for J.K. Rowling:

O’Har, George M. “Magic in the Machine Age .” Technology and Culture 41 (2000). 01 Feb 2006 .

This is written in a great style to explain basically how J.K. Rawlings magic in her books

and kind of brought it back to the eyes of everyday people. It is useful in relating the past

and the present with the association of magic.

Natov, Roni. “Harry Potter and the Extraordinariness of the Ordinary .” The Lion and the Unicorn 25 (2001). 01 Feb 2006 .

This article gives an over view of the whole Harry Potter story. It is very useful in

discussing how ordinary is Harry Potter. Many relate to him because of his somewhat

real story and can relate to him.

Since the web pages will not show up above:




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