January 31, 2006

Using the Resources

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 8:57 pm by groupone

Jstor is very easy to use. Just click search from the home page and go on to search for whatever needs to be found. There are many interesting features and they can be used with relative;y no effort. The sites makes every effort to make it as easy as possible to use and learn how to use all the features. For example, I did I search for “Beethoven” because I had a music class last semester and found him interesting. There are so many resourses avaliable. There are even articles I have never seen before and I did extensive research before. Every search I did there was a multitude of information. There was not many things I could think of that would come back with no results.

The Edgar Allen Poe Articles that I found interesting:

Obear, Emily. “To Edgar Allen Poe.” The English Journal 17 (1928). 31 Jan 2006.

The poem is very readable and flows nicely. It kind of gives and image of the atmosphere of what she believed Poe wrote in. The poem is very impactful and has lots of meaning.

Poe, Edgar Allen. “Question and Answer.” The Scientific Monthly 72 (1951). 31 Jan 2006.

This poem is very interesting considering it is written by Poe himself. Poetry is very useful to get into the poet mind and know their true thoughts.

Since the web pages will not show up above:




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