January 30, 2006


Posted in Pamela Nelson at 11:36 pm by groupone

In the video interview of International Studies Professor Francis Fukuyama he believes that the state of the world is improving because “Large powerful countries today would not think of fighting each other and that they are mostly peaceful.” He states that “the wars that are occuring are mostly periferal country wars.” I do believe that these comments are somewhat legitimate, however looking at things from a global aspect tends to eliminate what we would see directly in front of us. Every individual in the world and what that person does in the world is what adds up to the great big equation that equals globalization. Because we all don’t add up as equal contributors to the great big equation of globalization, we must calculate all contributions on a scale of economic, political, and cultural impact. Mr. Fukuyama believes that on a whole these aspects are progressing for the good. He believes that with the beginning of the big bang we have history, and because of history we have science, that leads us to technology that has improved globalization and the world we live in. I do believe in this context that this is a strong argument that he makes. He believes that with the evolution of religion and a world wide availability of this to many people around the world, that the benefits are common social and moral values. The Judeo-Christian traditions that have spread throughout the world have given us shared cultural outlets. These shared cultural outlets have brought about a strong basis for shared morality. This, is a strong argument that the optimism he has for globalization could continue for years to come. 


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  1. Ryan Meehan said,

    Good work, Pamela.

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