January 30, 2006

globalization or imperialism?

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 7:17 pm by groupone

I think that Fukuyama makes a good case for a fairly idealistic point of view. It is true that previous decades saw thousands of different religious tribes that violently fought against one another, and I also believe that it is true that there are currently much fewer major cultural systems. However, I do not agree that there are only seven or eight major cultural systems and I think that the manner in which globalization takes places sometimes allows for more violence. For example, while civilizations might not go around clubbing their neighbors, they do have nuclear arms that can destroy each other without even having to be in the same hemisphere. Also, globalization, in an ideal setting would allow the world to become a global village, which Fukuyama seems to believe is happening. However, I think that many nations have come to view globalization as the same thing as democratization and imperialism, which makes those nations both fearful of and spiteful against Westernization. In an ideal setting in which people did not rebel against having to conform, Fukuyama’s optimistic view of world progress would be correct, and the world would be better off than it was thousands of years ago. However, when one turns on the news and learns about another suicide bombing in an attempt to stand up for one’s beliefs, then it is hard to see that the world has progressed any from the club-dragging tribes of years ago.


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