January 27, 2006

The point of Cosmopolitan, blog #4

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 11:51 pm by groupone

The magazine that I chose to comment on is Cosmopolitan magazine, which has obviously learned a thing or two about success in advertising as it has been around for forty years. The magazine’s cover boasts an attractive female with an almost impossible-to-achieve figure, and pink headlines declaring “your prettiest colors” and “trainers secrets to tight butt, abs, and thighs”. The articles focus on how to better one’s relationship but rarely mention marriage. The articles also cover issues about college and first jobs, which leads me to believe that the target age bracket is women ages eighteen to twenty four. Some of the headlines are also very risqué with a mentioning of sex, which does not seem to scare off advertisers as many of the perfume adds are of a sexual nature. The advertisements in Cosmopolitan are an array of perfumes, clothes, and beauty products. The articles compliment these advertisements by instructing women on how their lives can be more beautiful if they would only buy these certain clothes and use these certain beauty treatments. The magazine is set up so that there are a lot of pictures of beautiful women and it seems as though if a woman would buy Cosmopolitan, then she would be on the road to a better life with more organization and more attention from men. In some ways, the magazine seems to prey upon the woman with a low self-esteem who might have just been dumped by her boyfriend. Regardless, the magazine does not take its self too seriously, and therefore does not attempt very often to make any sort of political commentary, which allows the magazine to remain a fun escape for women.


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  1. grouptwo said,

    I agree with the target audience you listed for Cosmo – 18-24 is about right. What I don’t like (okay, one thing that I don’t like, there’s alot!) about Cosmo is the volume of ads that they feel are necessary for each issue. They seem to have more ad pages than content pages! I have not looked at a Cosmo in a few years, but I cannot imagine much has changed! What I do remember is the beautiful photography. Their models are pretty unrealistic, but that is staus quo for fashion pics.

    Kathy Murray
    group two

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