January 27, 2006

Magazines (591-592)

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I looked through the magazine NEWSWEEK. I am not much of a magazine reader, and in fact don’t ever buy any to read or just look at. So, this assignment seemed like something that I did want to revisit as reading magazines is not really a part of my life. I think that NEWSWEEK belongs to the American reader. The people it writes about and to are people who make changes in American Politics, culture, the arts, music and tv with its huge influence on the public. It seems that most of the advertisements are purchased by very large companies that influence our lives also such as drug companies and high tech companies. Most of the articles that are written have already been covered by the news and television industry. Everything that is written is newsworthy in the here and now. For the average American person, myself included, all of the things that are being written about are not happenings that we can control. It almost seems as if the big brother ideology is prevalent, the government being the controlling big brother with its larger that life media brother companies fueling the powerful people who will never be a part of our real lives if it were not for the writers of NEWSWEEK.   


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  1. Eva Paterson said,

    I agree with your statement about how many people and things in NEWSWEEK influence our lives. Also, a lot of what is written cannot be controlled by just one person. Elections are our only chance in changing things. It it important to keep up with news like that because we are all a part of this world.

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