January 27, 2006

Ideology of a selected magazine

Posted in Irin Westerfield at 3:11 am by groupone

#3  Ideology of a selected magazine

Subject magazine: “In Touch Weekly”

Based on the articles, advertisements and images it appears that the reader is prompted to value materialism, hero worship, glamour, fashion, health and beauty.

Those held in highest regard are the hottest Hollywood newsmakers of the moment. Most recently, the front cover has been alternating between Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson.

The magazine assumes that the reader is interested in Hollywood insider trivia that is controversial and / or sex related. It is apparent that the magazine is trying to attract those desiring immediate visual gratification.

The name of the publishing company and its roster of editors and directors offer no insight into a hidden agenda.

The vast majority of the advertisements are weight loss related. “Weight Watchers, CortiSlim tablets, BodySlimmer machine, and others.

It is quite apparent that the magazine strongly promotes firm abdominal muscles and tiny waists. This is not only evidenced by the ads, but by the large photos of the “stars” that they are writing about. As the previously mentioned cover stars (Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson), the subjects of this magazine need to be skinny and sexy.


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