January 25, 2006

The Decline

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 4:58 pm by groupone

Some information in this blog may refer to: http://www.bemydemon.org/songs/ashes.htm

This is a very interesting song.  I believe that almost every song has an argument so of course I believe this song has an argument.  I believe that this song is talking about the decline of American society.  It talks about all the money that is wasted on cigarettes and soda that is corrupting the minds of the people.  There are so many examples of what Americans are doing that declines society.  The chorus is the best.  All my lies are only wishes.  I know I would die if I could come back new.”  The chorus is focusing on renewing people and then maybe we could return to what American society is suppose to be.  The song is sung very softly and slowly.  Before I looked at the lyrics I did not know there were so little words.  The song is sung so slowly and softly that it does not take many words for the whole thing to flow nicely.


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  1. groupfour said,

    I find your overall assesment to be correct in my opinion. Yet I dont agree on the part about soda, I love that stuff to much to down it. But alot of the things Americans do today do degrade our society. Our society today is based to much on giving into temptation that will be the end of our way of life.

    Joshua Conard

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