January 25, 2006


Posted in Robert Sanchez at 7:21 am by groupone

I looked through a PC magazine and found that all the ads in the magazine relate to computers.  All the articles talk good about the products and do not say anything bad about the products that are advertised in the magazine.  It is just like the article in the book.  All the articles, pictures, and ads all are seen in the same light to keep everybody happy.  Hopefully all the information is credible and the articles do not just talk well of certain products because they advertise them.  Even though I subconsciously knew that advertiser run the content of a magazine, I never really thought of it that much.  It is incredible how much content management that has to be done to keep everyone happy.  I think at time it can be a conflict of interest if a study is done and a product does not perform to its expectations.  I would be scared at sometimes because some products could get a good review even though they are terrible.  Although it is necessary, it is kind of disturbing that advertisers come before the actually subscribers.


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  1. Jonathan Wooten said,

    You made a good point about the amount of content management that goes into producing a magazine.
    If they are getting paid to promote a certain product it only makes sense that they only speak
    good about it otherwise the company would get upset and pull its adverisement. The magazine editors have to be very careful to not upset the companies paying them to advertise their product, because advertisement is the primary income for the magazine. The magazine also has to keep the readers happy. It sounds like a pretty tough job.

    Jonathan Wooten (group4)

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