January 23, 2006

More Than Kodak Moments, blog #3

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 5:58 am by groupone

The first photo that I have chosen to elaborate upon is the one entitled “Still Left Behind”. This photograph caught my eye because of how it was able to capture true human emotion during a time of crisis. This photo captures history as well. I also think that this photo definitely has an argument embedded in it, which is the argument between human logic and raw animal emotion. This crowd appears to be holding on to the last of its sanity and is beginning to tap into its animal instinct for survival. The photo also implies an argument between this crowd and the rest of America as the people of New Orleans had no idea why they were being left behind.

The second photo that caught my eye is the one entitled “France on Fire”. I noticed this photo primarily because of the beautiful contrasting colors that almost make the photo look like a scene from a movie. This photo depicts the argument between youth and authority. The photo seems to tell the story of youth feeling repressed by the authorities in their city and finally have reached their breaking point. The youth have chosen to act out their argument through actions instead of words, which in the end can only cause terror, as is depicted in the flames in this photo.


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