January 23, 2006

Best Photos of the Year 2005

Posted in Monica Bacian at 3:09 am by groupone

It was hard picking two photos among the morbid and disturbing photos that made up the “best” of 2005 but here it goes…

Photo # 16 The Color Purple: At first glance, this looks like a simple photo of a woman who just voted on an election.  But as simple as that sounds to us, it is much more than just that. It represents the Iraqi people’s right for a free election and the first step towards women’s rights in Iraq. I believe there is an argument in this photo.  Whether you believe the war was justified or not, how about American ehtnocentrism? Are American beliefs and pratices so much better than any other societies that we should impose them on other cultures?

Photo # 18 Heading Home :  A 2nd Lieut. coming home in a coffin that is being drapped with the American flag by marines. To me, this photo represents the respect that army men and women deserve for risking their lives for any cause.  The look of sadness and disbelief on the passengers faces is symbolic of how the American public feels every time there is news of more casualties. The only argument that can come from this photo would be the other side of the war and how the American public does not hear about how many innocent Iraqis have lost their lives.


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