January 23, 2006

An Argument Embedded In The Image

Posted in Irin Westerfield at 1:36 am by groupone

Picture # 11

The picture taken at the Buddhist temple in Thailand is compelling because it is a graphic reminder of how vulnerable humans are against natural disaster.

I would argue that in the year 2005 scientists could have warned the world about the tsunami.I am of the understanding that we have extensive satellite information concerning ocean activity.At the very least,there should have been a few hours warning of great danger and then forced evacuation.

Picture # 24

The picture of Pope John Paul’s body being carried to St.Peter’s Basillica was compelling to me.This picture symbolizes the end of an era.The picture also brings to mind the enormous amount of sexual scandal that rocked the Catholic Church during his time as Pope.

We can argue whether the Church can ever be as powerful and influential as it once was. Sexually deviant behavior of priests appears to have been commonplace. The allegations constantly arise in our newspapers,some concerning activity that occured 10,20 or 30 years ago.




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