January 23, 2006

“A Nation Made of Poetry”

Posted in Pamela Nelson at 11:45 pm by groupone

Joannie Fischer writes in her short story “A Nation Made of Poetry” about the retrospective details of our nation’s history in art, whether it be written or sung as opposed to history in the U.S. National Archives as official history. We know that the official side of America’s history are the documents written by our truly great forefathers. What the author does decree is, for one official document written there are countless others that have shown how the people of America triumphed in many historical situations that occured in waves of historical changes and demands on our character to “do the right thing” when it comes to the way we should treat each other. The people who have written about events in America throughout the ages have given us our unofficial picture of what the culture is like and how it has raised a nation of people with character to fight for the freedom that all people everywhere deserve. Freedom, according to the author is what intersects the official and unofficial history. I believe that the author feels as though the unofficial history is what truly defines the American character.    


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