January 21, 2006

Everything Bad Is Good For You

Posted in Monica Bacian at 3:37 am by groupone

After reading Griscom’s interview with Steven Johnson, I must admit that I agree with many of the things Johnson said. Video games have come a long way. I believe that video games are more than just mindless entertainment. Video games are all about strategy and thought process. To be able to succeed, one has to be able to think quickly. It is through failure that kids learn how to succeed. Whenever they try something new and it doesn’t work, they quickly come up with a different way of solving the problem in order to move up to the next level. Isn’t that what life is all about? learning how to solve problems so that we can move on to next set of problems?

When it comes to television programs, I don’t agree that they can make anyone smarter. Just because the shows are better and we can relate to them, it does not mean that they are doing us any good. Television shows have evolved in many ways. Take for example the way tv families have changed. The families in shows like Leave it to Beaver show this ideal our society had about what a family should be like. In reality, everyone knows that “real” families are nothing like that. Reality TV can show the public what real people are like. Kids who want to find a wife for their dad, women dying to meet a millionaire, a group of nerds hoping that the beautiful girl would pick them over the hunks; these are just examples of scenarios that people deal with on an every day basis.

As for the education system, I think it is already changing. Kids don’t learn anymore by reading a book or doing math exercises. Kids use their computers, the internet, their leap pads and leapsters. They can play a video game and learn math or spelling. It is amazing, but technology has actually made learning fun. 


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