January 20, 2006

Two photos that are compelling to me.

Posted in Pamela Nelson at 10:54 pm by groupone

The first photo that compelled me is called “Burial Ground”. It is a picture of an elementary school age child burried in the rubble of his school, in one minute due to an earthquake. All of the coloring in the picture is one color, just different shades of it. It is so earthen, so sad and lonely. I think the arguement in this photo is that mother nature does rule the earth and can strike even the most innocent of us.

When I saw the picture called “Heading Home” I cried. So many things came to my mind. The people looking out their windows, look tired but curious as though they know something is going on in the lower aircraft. The fellow marines laying the flag on their fallen comrades casket. Their seeming gentleness with the moment made me think about the young person in the casket who must go to his final resting place, while we, continue on living. The arguement that comes to my mind is whether we as a Nation appreciate all that is done for us by our fellow human beings that are in the military.



  1. Eva Paterson said,

    I liked how you described the “Burial Ground” photograph. How it was all one color and how it showed how lonely it looked. I agree that these pictures did show how mother earth has power over everyone. Perhaps it is time to respect the earth.

  2. groupone said,

    I really liked your description of the picture “Burial Ground”.I think that the same color of different shades creates a special effect in this photo.I have experienced the same feelings you did,looking at the picture.I felt sad,lonely and helpless.
    Irina (group one)

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