January 20, 2006

My response to “A Nation Made of Poetry”, blog #2

Posted in Brandi Crawford at 11:00 pm by groupone

Joannie Fischer’s article focuses on the importance of studying written material by individuals throughout America’s history as opposed to just relying on the documents deemed important enough to be in the National Archive’s one hundred milestone documents. The “official” documents in the National Archives tend to be official government records, and the documents that Fischer describes could be letters of pamphlets by sent out to rally support for a political cause. I think that neither form of American history can be viewed as more important than the other since they often act as compliments to each other. For example, an official government document such as the Constitution might be viewed by one as more credible, yet every day Congress and the Supreme Court struggle to understand its exact meanings. Letters and pamphlets from the time that the Constitution was written could help people to understand what the government might have been thinking and feeling at the time. Also, as Fischer points out, there have been times when a form of art such as a book can resonate so deeply with American people, that the government takes notice, as was exemplified by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


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