January 18, 2006

A Photo is worth a thousand words…or is it?

Posted in Robert Sanchez at 4:05 pm by groupone

Some parts of this blog may refer to: http://www.time.com/time/yip/2005/ and if you are affended by the “G” word…don’t read this cause I do not want to hear your complains.
The Fire and Water picture from New Orleans is quite compelling.  The senseless destruction that was caused by looters is amazing.  A lot of damage that could have been prevented was cause by the looters.  These historical houses that have been there for years have some much history in their walls.  I think it has to be an argument of the senseless destruction that was not cause by a natural disaster but the people.  The people who should be happy they are alive and not stealing everything in town while everyone is in crisis.

The Paradise Lost picture is also quite compelling.  The death that many faced in this disaster is incredible.  Corpses are floating all over the place and cameras are taking pictures of it.  Our society thrives on looking at the pains of others.  My question is: Why are people filming this?  There are some lessons to be learned but they do not have to show the corpses floating around.  It kind of shows what happens when there is too much “pleasure” or sin in one town.  It my just be God’s second great flood.  Drowning all the sinful and the meek stay alive.



  1. groupthree said,

    I agree with your question about the Paradise Lost picture, ‘Why are people filming this?’. I think it is morally wrong and I like your standpoint.

  2. groupone said,

    I agree that the people should have been thankful to God that they were still alive and not stealing from the stores, but I don’t agree when you say that it is God’s second flood. First of all God says in Genesis 7:1, He found Noah and his family righteous and so they were spared. In this flood, were only the righteous left? NO! By no means. There were people stealing and killing still. Then He promised us in Genesis 9:11 that life wouldn’t be cut off again by water. But still, the name Katrina means “pure.” So I do agree that there was some purification done, but not God’s second flood.

    Krista Guarino – grouptwo

  3. groupone said,

    Yes, the media seems to thrive on death, destruction and other bad news in general. I guess they think that this “sells” better than reporting positive news. I do feel that it is necessary to give reporters free reign and not to censor their words or pictures. In turn, they have a responsibility not to sensationalize the news unnecessarily.
    Irina – group one.

  4. groupthree said,

    The first comment was made by Maura Peterson. Sorry about that!

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