January 17, 2006

Posted in Pamela Nelson at 12:29 am by groupone

It is important to study argument in order to know what you are arguing about and how to present it to your audience in a way that they will agree with you and the facts. There is not a person anywhere on earth who likes to lose an arguement. So, you must plan your facts, get them straight and accurate, then proceed to formulate your convictions. To do this, you must research all of the possible arguments that could arise and begin to formulate a priority of arguments. Last, but perhaps most importantly you must know your audience and speak to their level. To study argument is to prepare oneself for the challenge of getting along with others on a day to day level. Lets face it, we love to win the arguement, but to make someone else feel like a loser isn’t something good to do. So, studying arguement will reinforce what we need to learn to get a point across, change another persons mind about what they believe in, help us to convince our boss we need a pay raise, get our roomate to clean the kitchen or pay a bill. We will not always win an arguement, but we must practice how we approach an arguement, our words, manerisms, tone of voice can all be practiced ,with time and patience may become one of our greatest assets. The spoken and written arguement is a very important part of life and we must study and conquer its difficulty.



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  1. groupfour said,

    You made a great point about researching all of the possible arguments that could arise from the point you are
    trying to make. There is nothing worse than when you are arguing a point and someone else brings up another
    point against you and you have no response for it.

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