March 9, 2007

our finds!

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April 17, 2006

The Plan is Unleashed

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I have designed a flyer to pass out and have also put some posts of some discussion boards online.  I started to pass out the flyer about it at work.  There are a lot of immigrant at my job that are legal that had to go through some much to get into this country.  They think it is a great injustice for the ones who illegally crossed to get the same rights as US citizens and people who legally came across.  It sparks a lot of conversation on discussion boards too.  People have many different view on the issue and it could be taken many ways.  It is very interesting on the discussion boards because no one has a fear of saying what they field because no one see them or can really judge them.  They just accept the view point and make comments on it.  Both seem to be effective to get the message across.

Unleashing plan

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I was working on some political cartoons, but I am not satisfied with their quality as of yet. 

If I must decide at this point, I will choose to do a political flyer to bring my message to the masses. 

Perhaps some artwork will be included on the flyer. 

The content of the words will be a mix of passionate personal opinion and some monetary statistics about unequal wage earning that the public will find reprehensible.  

A headline or caption from a popular news source may also be included.  

gay marriage

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For Project 3, I have chosen to try to explain the importance of accepting gay marriage.  I will use a political flyer to get my message out to the masses.  Due to the sensitive nature of the gay marriage debate, I believe that the main rhetorical device I should use is an emotional appeal.  To do this, I will make a comparison of the civil rights movement to the banning of gay marriage.  I think it is important to visually encourage the reader/viewer to step outside of their normal box of thinking and consider that preventing homosexuals from at least being allowed to have a civil union is a form of discrimination.  I will incorporate vivid images of both scenarios into the flyer as well as an explanation as to why someone should consider supporting gay marriage.

April 14, 2006

Social injustice

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The social injustice that I am pursuing is the enormous wage earning disparity between the social classes.
This injustice has been going on since the beginning of time. It is a reprehensible and immoral problem that must be illuminated to the masses.
I chose this topic for several reasons. 1. It is tax season and the rich have found ways not to pay their fair share, 2. The posting of CEO salaries to the public, 3. The smugness of the white upper-class, 4. Economic abuse by big corporation executives, 5. The recent rise of real estate and fuel prices that make life impossible for the common working man, 6. Ridiculously large salaries of those in sports and entertainment.

April 13, 2006

Project 3

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For Project 3, I have chosen to bring attention to the issue of gay marriage.  I chose this topic because a majority of Americans support the idea of allowing homosexuals to have equal rights, yet do not agree with homosexuals being allowed to marry each other.  In my opinion, the situation is very reminiscent of the civil rights movement.   I think that there are many misconceptions about homosexual relationships, and that if a positive light is shed on the situation, then people might reevaluate their opinions on gay marriage.  The issue is very sensitive, as it often indirectly relates to people's religious beliefs, therefore I think the best way to approach the topic is by using an emotional appeal.

April 12, 2006

Project 3

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I am choosing the Mexican Immigration Policies because it an interesting subject that is becoming a big issue right now in the United States. For years Mexicans have been illegally crossing the boarder to get a better life in the United States but on the other hand there are Mexicans who are trying to get into the United States the legal way. Is it really fair for the Mexican who cross illegal to get the same treatment as the Mexicans who work hard to get citizenship legally? Sure the illegally crossing ones take the jobs Americans would not want but they should not get the benefits of citizenship for doing something illegal. This goes back so many years and could be talked about for years to come but right now is becoming a huge issue because of the talk of new policies.

Project 3

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April 4, 2006

Moulin Rouge

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The Austin Chronicle had a very accurate review in regards to the movie Moulin Rouge. Given a four star movie rating by a newspaper writen in a college and muscially artistic city, Marc Savlov the author made his points accurate with no fallacies. A weak rhetorical point that he makes is in the statement "as the film progresses you're repeatedly reminded why the old musicals hold such a unique place in the global consiousness". This is not a strong rhetorical point as many people do not enjoy musicals. However, this movie review does a good job of explaining the jist of the movie as this would be difficult to do given the starkly contrasting visuals. The subject would be easily understood by the audience creating an interest that would persuade viewers to want to see the movie. This interest draws you in as the love plot thickens while simmering in pop music.   

April 3, 2006

The Thomas Crown Affair

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I chose to examine the Washington Post review of one of my favorite movies, “The Thomas Crown Affair”. I believe that the review provides an honest critique of the movie. The review is written in layman’s terms which I think adds to its success. In most cases, when a person picks up a newspaper, he or she is not looking for an in depth analysis of the technical components of a film. People are wanting to find out whether a movie is worth spending their money to go see it or not and if the movie is more appropriate for a family or for a date. Stephen Hunter’s review in the Washington Post allows readers to know that “The Thomas Crown Affair” is indeed not appropriate for children and not appropriate for an audience seeking a movie with a deep and thought provoking plotline. However, Hunter points out that “The Thomas Crown Affair” is a fun movie, as exemplified in his quote, …”’The Thomas Crown Affair’ is very cool. Note I do not argue that is good,”. In my opinion, Hunter is saying that “The Thomas Crown Affair” was made to be enjoyed and not analyzed. Hunter also adds to the credibility of his argument by referencing the original “Thomas Crown Affair” as well as other movies that Pierce Brosnan has been in, which assures the reader of Hunter’s experience in analyzing movies. If I read this article and had never seen “The Thomas Crown Affair” before, I would trust the critic, and I would go with a date to see this “cool” movie.

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